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Why Network Marketing

  1. Any one can start an Network Marketing business with minimum investment. Some Compnay like Vestige there is no investment, Free Joining you Just need to start the Business with purchase of Rs. 700/- only.
  2. In Initial stage It can provide you an Additional Income, in Network Markeing the income potential is unlimited.

  3. You do not want to leave your current profession, anyone can add this with what they are doing presently.
  4. No target by compnay, you set your goals by your own.
  5. You own your time, you can decide your time when you want to work.
  6. You are the Boss, you are not working for someone else anymore. you are working for yourself.
  7. No rental, No Electric Bill, No Phone Bill, No water Bill, No salary expenses and No. other overhead expenses. All these expenses are taken care by the compnay.
  8. No college, Diploam is required to do this.
  9. The richest People in the world looks for build Networks.
  10. The future of Network Marketing is unlimited. There's no end in sight. It will continue to grow because better people are getting into it. It would be one of the more respected business methods in the world.

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